Don't miss DDM Congress in Berlin on Sept 22nd - Traycco
Traycco somos la mayor compañía especializada en servicios avanzados de Marketing Directo y Buzoneo con capital 100% privado.
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Don’t miss DDM Congress in Berlin on Sept 22nd


Paper mailshots remain a resounding success, and the international numbers corroborate this long-known fact. That said, the purpose of letterbox marketing has changed: people go online after reading print media to find out more about a potential purchase. Paper is the opening shot; websites score the goals. Join marketing professionals from all over Europe, the US and even Brazil to discuss the future of doordrop on September 22nd in Berlin. 

Our President, Mr.Eduard Quintana, will attend the congress as a member of the ELMA Board and speaker.

Join us at

Traycco is your doordrop business partner in Spain. Call us to launch your letterbox marketing campaigns with a leader of the spanish market.



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